Friday, December 26, 2008

Fantasy Star VI: Myriad of Locations

Fantasy Star is a 12-part analysis of the similarities between Final Fantasy XII and the Star Wars trilogies.

Final Fantasy XII is set in Ivalice, a setting used in previous installments. The game’s vast range of environments, just like in other Final Fantasy games, allows the player to travel from cityscapes, to deserts, to swamp lands and more. The Star Wars galaxy is presented in a similar way. The characters travel across numerous planets, with each one representing a distinct type of environment. What further makes Ivalice feel like the Star Wars galaxy is the inherent mixture of different races in many of the settings. Previous Final Fantasy games featured predominantly human characters. The few non human characters that did appear were often scattered throughout the game, with their towns representing a minute portion of the world map.

Dalmasca is like Tatooine. Not only is it located in a desert environment, but it is also the most revisited location in the story and the home of the protagonist. The city of Rabanastre is like Tattoine’s Mos Eisley space port. The Sand Sea tavern is like the Mos Eisley Cantina. Just like in Star Wars, cantinas and bars are locations the characters visit to find information. The desert to the west of Rabanastre is inhabited by a number of deadly creatures and indigenous races, similar to the Dune Sea on Tattooine.

The sky city of Bhujerba is like Cloud City of Bespin. Both locations attempt to stay neutral from the greater conflict occurring around them. Bhujerba’s economy is based on mining Magicite like Cloud City’s is based on mining tibanna gas.

Mt. Bur-Omisace
Mt. Bur-Omisace is a spiritual center in Ivalice where the Kiltia practice their faith. The Jedi Temple on Coruscant is the headquarters of the Jedi Council. The Gran Kiltias at Mt. Bur-Omisace gives guidance in the same way the Jedi Council did in the Jedi Temple. The Archadian Empire invaded Mt. Bur-Omisace in order to retrieve Larsa back to Archades. Judge Bergan, under the influence of Venat and powered by manufacted nethicite, slaughters the Gran Kiltias and everyone he can find at the main temple. In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker and a legion of Clone Troopers invaded the Jedi Temple. Anakin, under the influence of the Dark Side, slaughters the Jedi within the temple.

The Feywood is soaked with Mist energies as are parts of Dagobah with Dark Side energies. The party must navigate a number of puzzles in the Feywood before gaining entry to Giruvegan. Luke trained under Yoda at the cave where a Dark Jedi was defeated. The Dark Side cave presented Luke with visions of fighting Vader and glimpses of the future.

Eruyt Village
The homeland of the Viera is located deep within the Golmore Jungle. The massive trees’ branches and roots are wide enough to use as paths. The trees themselves stretch high into the sky, allowing the Viera to build massive structures that use the trees for support. Eruyt Village resembles the Wookie villages of Kashyyyk and Ewok villages on Endor’s moon.

The city of Nabudis, just like the planet of Alderaan, was wiped out in a single display of firepower. Judge Zecht was ordered by Emperor Gramis to steal the Midlight Shard and unleash its power on Nabradia’s capital city. The Nethicite explosion destroyed the entire city, leaving only a ruin full of Mist and monsters. Grand Moff Tarkin targeted Princess Leia’s planet of Alderaan as an example of the Death Star’s firepower. A single blast made the entire planet explode and reduced it to an asteroid field.

Archades, the capital of the Archadian Empire, resembles Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Empire. Both are examples of vast urban development. Skyscrapers tower over much of the cityscape. Vehicles fly along air routes to access different areas. The poorer members of society are relegated to the lower levels in the shadows underneath the buildings. Archades and Coruscant also have an Imperial Palace for their respective rulers.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantasy Star V: Diversity of Race

Fantasy Star is a 12-part analysis of the similarities between Final Fantasy XII and the Star Wars trilogies.

It’s interesting to note that the various races in Final Fantasy XII talk with distinct dialects and accents just like the alien races found in Star Wars.


The Garif and Wookies are both physically imposing races with bodies covered in fur. Both races are traditionally peaceful, but can be formidable in physical combat. The Garif warrior code is similar to that of the Wookies.


Viera are a race very much in touch with nature. The Viera’s Eruyt Village is reminiscent of the treetop habitats built by the Wookies and Ewoks. The all female Viera’s skimpy fashions and exotic natures can also be compared to the portrayal of female Twileks in Star Wars.


The Seeq are like Gamorreans. Both races have pig-like snouts with teeth visibly protruding from their lower jaw. Seeq and Gamorreans are often seen doing grunt work in the background.


Bangaa and Gungans have lizard-like features. They have long snouts and long ears that flop down on the sides of their heads. Both races also speak in very thick, almost stereotypical, accents.


The Ultan-Yensa make use of Yensa, native creatures in their desert environment, as beasts of burden. Tusken Raiders and Jawas use Banthas as beasts of burden. The harsh environment inhabited by these respective races requires them to wear protective clothing that hides much of their physical features.

The similarities between the Humes in Final Fantasy and the Humans in Star Wars are pretty self-explanatory. Aside from the physical resemblance, these races primarily speak English, dress according to the environment and are the primary heroes and villains of their respective stories.

There are also creatures and monsters which are too numerous to mention every single one.

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