Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lead Singer of Linkin Park Not So Emo As He Appears

Whether or not things are crawling in his skin, and whether or not he does indeed bear wounds that will not heal, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park may not be as emo as he appears.

In a show in Australia last weekend, Chester showed off his dexterity skills after the fourth song, and promptly fell off the stage. Due to the fact that he must have put all his skill points in Charisma, the fall resulted in a broken arm. At this point, it would not be difficult to guess what Chester would do, being the lead singer of a band that has helped popularize the current “emo music” trend in what is considered to be modern rock these days. The most obvious act to follow up one the act of arm-breaking, would be to cry about it. Loudly. With angsty guitars and whiny harmonies backing him up.

Chester, however, did not take this course of action. He finished the show with his broken arm, running around on stage and screaming out the rest of the set for more than an hour. Perhaps some of his screams were real pain this time, but the fact that he decided to man up and finish the show is impressive. Perhaps Linkin Park deserves a second chance. Perhaps they will lead rock music away from the emo trend. Perhaps they will stand as shining examples of strength for depressed teenagers everywhere.

Then again, perhaps I will shit out pure gold.


Dok said...

lol yea maybe, Good thing he did not need his arm.

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just added a lot of different emo backgrounds on my blog