Friday, June 29, 2007

A Look At Rickrolling

That was Rick Astley, with "Never Gonna Give You Up," a hit from the 80's. Kind of a catchy tune. I dig the bartender in the middle.

But is this truly the best the Internet can do anymore?

If you've never heard of rickrolling, in short, it's when someone clicks on a link that they think is going to take them somewhere, but instead, they see the above video.

That's it.

I can remember a time where people would be suckered into looking at a man's gaping anus, or a woman with some ungodly bowel problem, or three old men giving each other blowjobs. In one way or another, these are things one would not want to see. You would feel suckered and ashamed for looking at them.

But Rick Astley? Good voice, catchy beat, nice chorus... I bought the song on iTunes. Yes, I paid 99 cents for this.

Some time ago, I unwittingly suckered a number of people into looking at a picture of a very tight close up of a freshly ejaculated penis. I think that far more satisfying than if I suckered people into listening to a very slick 80's track.

P.S. Did you see his dance moves? Freakin' awesome.

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Rusalka said...

Nice way to make a point (in a style that is oh-so-very-Thoth).

Nice blog, guys! Some great writers here; I'll certainly be checking back.