Saturday, June 30, 2007

Zach Braff Comes Clean

Zach Braff confirms on his blog what many people have been gossiping about over the past month or so. Braff says:

Yes, I am the voice of Wendy’s. I’m actually dressed as Wendy as I type this.

I am not leaving Scrubs! (People are still asking me this all the time.) We begin shooting the final 18 episodes this August. The finality of this season has nothing to do with me. The folks at NBC have decided this is our last one.

With Scrubs coming to end, Braff needs to come up with other sources of revenue so that he can make more movies that allow him to make out with even more of Hollywood's hottest actresses. Let's not forget the cost of downloading from iTunes adds up when you're looking for the perfect playlist to score a movie.

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