Saturday, September 15, 2007

College Professor Caught Unaware With Colombian Import

The Associated Press has a story about how Shakira
attended a Western Civilization class over the summer
at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Lecturer Robert Cleve had no knowledge of Shakira's
pop star status during her entire time in his class.
Cleve said:

"She told me she was visiting from Colombia and that
she was just doing this for her own enlightenment and
enjoyment," Cleve said. "She looked like just an
ordinary student. She wasn't flamboyant ... she didn't
act like a big celebrity or anything."

Granted Shakira may have disguised herself with one
of those glasses with the fake nose and mustache, but
shouldn't certain other things raise some flags? Like
only going by one name or being a Colombian that's
taking the class "for her own enlightenment and
enjoyment?" If the professor didn't even notice that
gigantic ass attached to her body, we can at least
agree that Shakira certainly wasn't the
flamboyant one.

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