Sunday, September 16, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy : Next-Gen Platformer Or Gay Conspiracy?

Earlier this year when the Wii was released, gamers around the world were disappointed when Nintendo was unable to follow through with their promise to launch with a title starring the ever-famous Mario. When you hear the word Nintendo, Mario is often the first thing you think of. Considering how revolutionary the Wii is supposed to be, it would have been appropriate for Mario to be there on launch. To everyone's dismay, everyone's favorite plumber was MIA.

Until now.

With the dry spell of new game releases coming to an end, the holiday season draws near and each next-gen console is ready to unleash the big guns. Nintendo made their head start with their holiday season trifecta already with Metroid Prime 3 : Corruption just a few weeks ago and the next in line to do some damage is Super Mario Galaxy. As its November release comes closer, we are finally treated to the box art... but, wait. What's this I see? I think I got a few sparkles in my eye. Literally.

There's word going around the forums that in the Japanese box art provided above, if you look closely to the words Super Mario Galaxy, there are sparkles placed under certain letters. If you put together all the letters that have a tiny sparkle under them, it spells out "U R MR GAY". It may very well be all coincidence to the Japanese box art, but it's also found here, which appears to be the American box art.

Is Super Mario Galaxy the next-gen platformer we've been waiting for? Or is it just a front for the next-gen gay agenda?

Reggie, the jig is up.

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SpudMuffin said...

Shit, man. When has Mario NOT been Mr Gay? Let's be honest with each other.