Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Break The Walls Down

This is a short ad that ran during Monday Night Raw. Could Chris Jericho be returning to the WWE? Consider the following:

a) The video has a similar feel to Jericho's titantron videos.

b) Audio can be heard saying, "I'm back." On Jericho's MySpace page it says, "I'm coming back."

c) Compare the cities of the Raw and pay-per-view tapings with those found on Jericho's book tour on a date by date basis. Notice Jericho doesn't have signings on Mondays. Notice the relatively short distance between his appearance locations and where the WWE will be.

d) Jericho teased a possible return during his appearance on Larry King while sitting next to John Cena, the man that retired him storyline wise.

e) The WWE is in serious need of big name talent right now.

You decide.

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