Sunday, September 16, 2007

Man Makes A Good Fraction Of My Yearly Income Playing WoW

Original Story Here

A man sold his WoW account on eBay for 7,000 euro, which is about $9,500 (and going up, thanks to exchange rates). Among his gear, besides 4 out of 5 pieces of his tier 6 armor (Best set in the game currently), he has both of the Twin Blades of Azzinoth (Best weapon a rogue can have). The best part, is that according to the story, there is a very good chance the man who bought this rogue was banned from WoW, making him about 10 grand in the hole with nothing to show for it.

To my knowledge, this is the most expensive character ever sold in a video game.

As an aside, I recall not too long ago, a European copy of Kizuna Encounter for the Neo Geo sold on eBay for 13 grand. A European copy of this game, in mint condition, is worth way too much, with only 4 known copies in existence (There were 3 known until about 2 months ago, when someone found another one).

It pays to game.


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