Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spreading The Message Of Okkusenman

Anyone that's played the Megaman series can tell you how great the music is. The music from Megaman 2's Dr. Wily Stage 1 is one of the more popular songs used for remixing. It's hard to say if anyone expected that the song would reach further levels of awesomeness by simply adding lyrics. That's how Okkusenman was created and unleashed upon an unsuspecting Japan. The lyrics are basically about childhood memories and getting courage from Ultraman. That's not what really matters.

Like most memes, what makes Okkusenman so great are the many different incarnations that continue to appear. Aside from the typical karaoke style, there are renditions done in death metal, with a choir and orchestra, and even the Mario Paint musical application. The live performances are especially awesome considering how one lead singer went all out by wearing a Megaman costume. My personal favorite would have to be the rendition done by these women. Then again, I have a thing for hot Asian women singing catchy tunes. It's too bad that the only people in the United States that try adding new lyrics to already rocking instrumentals are "artists" like Diddy and Will Smith. At least they aren't butchering the songs of our childhood cartoons and videogames.

Credit needs to be given to Shawn over at Digital Monkey Box for doing extensive research on Okkusenman over the past year.


iGod Nano said...

We share the same personal favorite rendition of Okkusenman. I too have a thing for hot Asian women singing catchy tunes. Also, just to let you know there is a band that does catchy rock versions of Nintendo music as well as adding their own original lyrics. They're kind of an underground band, but in my opinion they're pretty good. They're called Game Over and they've done Mega Man and Legend of Zelda as well some others that are unfortunately not available for free, but seem pretty promising. Check them out, they also have a website.

Darron said...

Just curious, what songs did Will smith and diddy do that incorporates megaman in em?