Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hollywood/Hasbro Whoring

Even before "Transformers" came out this year, the creatively bankrupt Hollywood studios have been looking for existing properties to turn into the next feature film. With the success of "Transformers" along with other films like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, it should come as no suprise that G.I. Joe is next in line. Variety says:

The accelerated production schedule began right after Sommers pitched his version of the film to Par chairman-CEO Brad Grey and production prexy Brad Weston on Wednesday evening. He was hired in the room.

I'm guessing that meeting was just Sommers saying how much money Transformers made, followed by him dumping a box of G.I. Joe toys on top of the table.

You know, we all have a good laugh joking about other possible properties to turn into movies. Some are even talented enough to make comedic skits like the one posted above. We think to ourselves, "surely they wouldn't make a movie out of (fill in the blank) because that would be ridiculous." But then Variety validates those thoughts with this chilling statement:
WMA is also helping Hasbro with possible movies based on such properties as the board games "Monopoly" and "Battleship."


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