Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Street With No Name...

Well I figure I'd give it at least a year before it loses its name. The street that I'm talking about is NAFTA's I-69. It's a toll road from Mexico to Canada, but who the hell cares? It's 69 baby. This beauty is going to be 1430 miles of Interstate signs prime for the picking. The perfect sign to decorate your room right next to One Way and below "your name" Ave. Every college student and hell any man who's looking for the perfect answer to "What's your sign" will be taking a road trip once this baby opens up. It has been said that this road will bring together the cost effective Mexico to the assembly lines in Canada. All I can think of is latin spice and some fair skinned hot Canadians. A multicultural three way between our ladies to the north and those to the south. Fun for all and the signs prove it. Thank you NAFTA, or whoever thought the interstate we were missing was a little INTERstate 69. Giggidy Giggidy!

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