Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fan Receives Free Replica Of Han Solo In Carbonite, Replaces Solo's Head With Own

Meet Rob. According to Rob, one of his friends was trying to get rid of a life-size replica of the Han Solo frozen in carbonite prop from the original Star Wars trilogy. Rob said:

I screamed a huge lispy "Yes!", and picked it up, but knew I wanted to do something cool with it. So I called my other nerdy special effects pals, and they offered to replace Harrison Ford's face with mine. I was so tired of hearing this offer in my daily life, but decided to finally consider it, so off it went.

It's a well known fact that Harrison Ford, who's been referred to as the sexiest man alive, possesses good looks so radiant that they can melt a person's face off if exposed for prolonged amounts of time. George Lucas was aware of this, and ingeniously came up with the idea to put Han in carbonite to limit Ford's physical exposure to the rest of the cast and crew.

Rob, as you can tell by the picture, also bears the curse of handsomeness. By adopting the plan Lucas came up with, regular people now have a way of looking upon Rob's magnificent visage without fear of their eyes bursting.

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