Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Swiss Love Frisbee, Neutrality

Like the Koreans to Starcraft and the Brazilians to Gunbound, the Swiss love their frisbee games. They love frisbee so much that they'll even use other disc-like objects when one is not available. They'll even use a heavy, metal explosive device that's meant to knock out tanks. Ananova has a story of two Swiss students that played frisbee with a land mine. The article says:

Lukas Aider, 20, and Christoph Kurz, 19, took a plunge in the Danube river in Budapest when they found the mine and began their potentially lethal game.

A lifeguard watching stopped them and immediately called the police.

A bomb squad then arrived to make safe what turned out to be an old Soviet 6 kilogrammes anti-tank mine.

There are huge campaigns that are meant to bring land mine awareness to war torn areas like Bosnia. They even feature well-known characters like Superman or Bugs Bunny warning about the dangers of these weapons. So of course Switzerland, with its long history of neutrality, would be home to people with complete ignorance of the dangers of land mines. Do the Swiss finally understand the dangers of adopting neutrality?

"With enemies, you know where they stand, but with neutrals—who knows. It sickens me."

-Zapp Brannigan

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