Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Piss-Screen Game Makes A Splash With Germans

Forget the PS3, the Xbox 360, and even the Wii. They're nothing but pitiful tinkles when compared to the frothy stream of revolutionary gaming that is the Piss-Screen! The official website says:

The Piss-Screen - a pressure-sensitive inlay set within urinals, enabling users to play while they pee. We installed this newfangled creation in male restrooms across Frankfurt, teaming up with a variety of bars, clubs and caf├ęs. The game itself was displayed on a screen above each urinal, and would automatically start as soon as someone began to pee. The player could then control the car whilst relieving himself – if they wanted the car to go right, they simply peed to the right (and visa versa).

Did you know that Germans like to drink? I know I didn't. Evidently, drinking and driving has become such a problem that a group of developers took it upon themselves to come up with a way to curb the habit. And that's the story behind the greatest gaming system known to man.

Of course, women are once again left out of the loop since they don't have a version to play in their respective restrooms. I think it's pretty obvious why. They a) can't drive to begin with and b) suck at videogames. I'm sure if they wanted to play the Piss-Screen badly enough, they could partake in some improvised multiplayer action. The guy watches the road while the girl handles his junk. Wow, the Piss-Screen is a pretty good driving simulator as well!

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